by Phil

People love having their homes featured in magazines. Here’s a little feedback:

‘I¬†thoroughly enjoyed my time with Janet whilst she was styling our house and writing a feature about it for The English Home magazine. Janet is really kind, thoughtful, respectful, flexible and fun! She also has an excellent eye for beautiful styling. It was a great experience and I am thrilled with the end result. Thank you Janet.’

Antonia Cunningham – The English Home

‘Janet was full of encouragement, having spotted potential in our major renovation project, even before the work was finished. She had genuine interest and respect for the character of our long-neglected old rectory. Janet’s writing, and the photography she arranged, let our home in Northern Ireland shine out from the pages of a beautiful interiors magazine.’

Jacqui Kirk – Homes & Gardens

‘Having my house featured in a magazine was a really enjoyable experience.

‘I was a little nervous initially since I didn’t know quite what to expect, but from the moment Janet arrived to do the interview, she totally put me at my ease and we had a great fun-filled afternoon. It was a lovely opportunity to talk about my home and all the work and research that I’ve carried out over the years.

‘The photographs were super and when the feature appeared in 25 Beautiful Homes I was absolutely thrilled.’

Nicola James – 25 Beautiful Homes